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  Italian painter and draughtsman, originally Girolamo Bedola. His career was intimately linked with that of Parmigianino, whose principal disciple he was. According to Vasari, who met him in 1566, Bedoli and Parmigianino fled Parma together during the war of 1521-22, which points to a very early connection. Bedoli probably received training in the rudiments of his art in the workshop of Parmigianino s uncle, Pier Ilario Mazzola, whose daughter he married in 1529. Bedoli later added Mazzola to his name. Many of Bedoli s finest works, such as the Virgin and Child with St Bruno (Munich, Alte Pinakothek), were once attributed to Parmigianino, and there is still controversy concerning their respective oeuvres.
The Holy Family
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Marriage of St Catherine
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