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  Louis Surugue (de Surgis), part of a French family of artists, was a draughtsman, etcher and engraver, print-publisher and print-seller. He trained with Bernard Picart, whom he followed to the Netherlands in 1710. He returned to France in 1715, to combine his work as a printmaker with publishing and selling prints. In 1730 he was approved (agr) by the Acadmie Royale, and on 30 July 1735 was received (reu) on presenting as morceaux de rception engraved portraits of the painters Joseph Christophe after Franois-Hubert Drouais, and Louis de Boullogne the younger after Antoine Mathieu. In the same year he purchased the post of Contrôleur Gnral des Rentes at the Hôtel de Ville, Paris. He contributed to most of the engraved collections which appeared during his lifetime. He engraved both portraits and genre scenes, and was sought after for his careful style and his firm and precise lines. He owned a considerable collection of prints, which were sold by Pierre-Franois Basan in November 1769.
  His son Pierre-Louis de Surugue (1716-1772) was likewise an etcher and engraver, print-publisher and print-seller. He trained with his father and was received (reu) by the Acadmie Royale on 30 September 1741, his morceaux de rception being portraits of the sculptors Ren Frmin after Maurice-Quentin de La Tour and Simon Guillain after Noël-Nicolas Coypel. He succeeded his father as Contrôleur Gnral des Rentes. In 1767 he was ennobled by the Pope. His style was very like his father s; he engraved portraits and history scenes, as well as some large decorative pieces, such as the project for the Salon de Saint-Cloud and the Apotheosis of Hercules after Charles-Antoine Coypel. His best-known works are the Singe peintre after Chardin and Clytie after Charles-Antoine Coypel.
Escalier des Ambassadeurs in Versailles
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