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  Italian painter and draughtsman. He was a leading master of his time. He painted altarpieces and cabinet pictures and was exceptionally skilled at large-scale fresco decoration, in which capacity he was widely active. He was the pupil of Carlo Cignani, himself the most distinguished pupil of Francesco Albani, and thus traced his artistic lineage directly back to Bolognese classicism. He interpreted the principles fundamental to this style with a rigour unequalled by any contemporary Italian master, being rivalled in this only by such French classicists as Eustache Le Sueur. Many artists were trained in his studio in Bologna and at his summer villa at Belpoggio. His closest follower was Giacinto Garofalini (1661-1723). Pupils of greater distinction included Giacomo Antonio Boni and Giuseppe Marchesi.
St Ursula
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