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  Danish sculptor, born in Germany. In 1803 he was sent to Copenhagen as an apprentice to his uncle, who was a smith. After his apprenticeship he was educated as a sculptor at the Art Academy, and in 1817 he could head for Rome having received the academy s highest accolade - its gold medal.
  Before departing for Rome Freund was presented with the opportunity of decorating the interior of C.F. Hansen s new Church of Our Lady upon his return. To Freund s great regret Thorvaldsen was granted the commission, so Freund, prompted by Ionas Collin, turned to the Nordic Pantheon instead.
  Freund worked in conscious opposition to the classical artistic idioms which had formed the basis of his education. Paradoxically, his ten years in Rome were dedicated to Nordic mythology, and it was not until he returned to Denmark that Freund started to work with the impressions he had gathered in Italy, impressions expressed in a passionate interest in the Pompeian style.
  Freund as a medallist for the Royal Danish Mint had a particular interest in coins. After his death his collection was bequeathed to the Danish State.
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