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  Italian painter. He is first documented in Milan in a contract of apprenticeship of 1487, when he undertook to teach Protasio Crivelli (d. after 1516) the art of painting miniatures; Marco must by that time have been a qualified master with a shop of his own. During the early 1490s he was in some way associated with Leonardo da Vinci: in September 1490 Leonardo s assistant Salai stole a valuable silverpoint pencil from Marco, who was then staying in the Florentine s house. In 1491 d Oggiono and Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio were commissioned by the brothers of the late Archbishop Leonardo Griffi to paint an altarpiece for the newly constructed chapel of S Leonardo, attached to S Giovanni sul Muro, Milan; only the centrepiece of the work, a Resurrection with SS Leonardo and Lucy (Berlin, Staatliche Museen), survives. The Griffi Altarpiece was not finished until 1494. He is documented in Venice 1497-98 and in Savona 1501-02.
  Although d Oggiono did not gain much recognition as an innovator, as a pupil he skillfully learned his master s style and produced a number of faithful copies including that of the Last Supper. He tended towards exaggerated gestures in his more independent works.
The Holy Family
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Resurrection of Christ with Sts Leonardo and Lucy
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