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  Italian painter. He was the son of Pietro del Po (1610-92), a minor painter noted for his engravings after Annibale Carracci, Domenichino and Poussin; the family also included a sister, Teresa (d 1716), who was an engraver and painter of miniatures, and a stepbrother, Andrea, who was a painter. Giacomo was trained in his father s studio in Rome; in 1674 he was elected a member of the Accademia di S Luca, which he subsequently served in various official positions. In 1683 the family left for Naples, probably in the suite of Gaspar Mendz de Haro y Guzmn, the 7th Marqus del Carpio, who was appointed Viceroy of Naples in that year. He became a successful artist in Naples and its environment.
King David Playing the Harp
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