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  Spanish engraver and medallist of Flemish birth. From the beginning of the 17th century until 1609 he lived in Toledo, where, under the supervision of El Greco, he worked as an engraver and printed (1605-06) such works of his master as Sts Peter and Paul (1603-07; Stockholm, Nationalmuseum) and St Francis and Brother Leo (c. 1600-05; Ottawa, National Gallery). Other engravings from this period include frontispieces for Historia de ... Nuestra Señora de Valvanera (vila, 1607) by Francisco de Ariz and the Index librorum prohibitorum (Madrid, 1612) by Bernardo de Sandoval y Rojas, the Archbishop of Toledo. From 1609 to 1636 he was engraver at the Casa de Moneda in Segovia, where he created designs for currency and made the printing plates. He also executed engravings for Obras espirituales (Alcal de Henares, 1618) by St John of the Cross and the frontispiece for Historia ... de Segovia (Segovia, 1637) by Diego de Colmenares.
  In 1636 he moved to Madrid as an employee of the Imprenta del Sello Real. Although his exact date of death is uncertain, he made his will in September 1650; it shows that he was owed a significant amount of money by Philip IV. His general style, as well as his working method, is similar to that of Flemish engravers, although his early prints after El Greco show an influence from the painter. His son Diego de Astor the younger (active c. 1630-60) was also an engraver and in 1636 took over his father’s position at the Casa de la Moneda, Segovia.
St Francis and Brother Leo Meditating on Death
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Sts Peter and Paul
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