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  German sculptor. He worked with his uncle George Heermann on the allegorical sculptures for Troja Castle in Prague, a period of work that was interrupted by a stay in Rome around 1700. Heermann is known to have been in Dresden after the completion of these sculptures in 1705; while there he would have seen works by Guillaume Coustou the Elder and Francois Coudray. As a co-worker in Dresden with Balthasar Permoser he was involved in making the sculptures for the Zwinger, and created a number of other high-quality pieces in the city, not least for the GroBer Garten. He executed a marble bust of Augustus II of Poland c. 1718. Of particular interest in connection with this bust is a bronzed plaster model Heermann made for an equestrian statue of Augustus the Strong, showing him mounted on a rearing horse (Skulpturensammlung, Dresden).
King Augustus II of Poland
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