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  Spanish sculptor. He was one of the leading sculptors in the second half of the 16th century based in Valladolid. He probably trained in Len, and the classical style apparent in his works may have been derived from Gaspar Becerra, who was in Valladolid in 1557. Jordn s first documented work is a retable (155662) at Paredes de Nava, on which he collaborated with Inocencio Berruguete (fl 154063). He received commissions from other centres such as Medina del Campo, Alaejos, Len, Avila and Monserrat. From about 1577 to 1590 he completed the retable started by Juan de Juni, who was an important influence on him, in the church of S Maria del Mediavilla, Medina de Roseco. Jordn was also responsible for the alabaster reliefs and wood figures on the trascoro (completed 1585) of Len Cathedral. His commissions in Valladolid include the alabaster tomb of Don Juan de Ortega in Santi Spiritus, which was commissioned in conjunction with the retable of the Annunciation in the same church in about 1582.
  His masterpiece is the main altar in the Santa Maria de Alaejos.
Main Altar
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Main Altar
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