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  Painter and illuminator, active in Spain. His name suggests that he was of English origin, and he may have been trained in the Netherlands. His work shows the influence of Rogier van der Weyden and of Netherlandish tapestries and manuscript illumination. He employed a vigorous drawing technique, and his figures are sculptural and expressive, particularly the faces and hands. The sumptuous clothes show that he understood the characteristics of Spanish brocades. The settings are enlarged by an ambitious use of perspective and are filled with carpets, flagstones and canopies; details such as books give a sense of atmosphere, and openings are used to reveal landscape. He was the first painter in Castile known by name to employ the Netherlandish technique of oil on panel. He is regarded as the author of the altarpiece of San Jernimo de la Mejorada (Provincial Museum, Valladolid), and of a picture in which a saint is shown preaching, now in the Cincinnati Art Museum.
Saint Preaching
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