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  Italian sculptor. He is probably identical with Andrea di Onofrio, also called Andrea da Firenze. In Neapolitan documents he is also called Andrea Ciccione. In 1419 he was documented as executing a coat of arms over the door of the lodgings of Pope Martin V in the cloister of S Maria Novella, Florence. In 1420 he sculpted statues and ornamentation for the chapel of St Lawrence in S Lucia de Bardi, Florence. Five years later he assessed one of Donatello s statues for the Campanile (probably the Jeremiah ). Later he worked in the cloister of S Francesco at Prato and in November 1428 in Florence as a lastrajuolo (stonecutter) for Michelozzo and Donatello. He worked also in Naples.
Tomb of King Ladislas
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