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  Domenico Brusasorzi (Brusasorci, actually Domenico Riccio), Italian painter, part of a family of painters. Domenico Brusasorzi was the son of a painter Agostino Riccio, by whom no works are known. Domenico s sons Felice Brusasorzi (c. 15391605) and Giovanni Battista (b. c. 1544) and his daughter Cecilia (1549after 1593) were also painters.
  Domenico probably began his training in his father s shop. Later he studied with Gian Francesco Caroto. Most of Domenico Brusasorci s work was executed in Verona and the surrounding area, and in Vicenza. With Battista del Moro, Domenico belonged to the avant-garde of Veronese painters in the generation before Paolo Veronese.
Portrait of Pase Guarienti
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