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  Pierre (Pieter) van Boucle (Boeckel, Bouck, Boucken), Flemish painter, active in France. He may have studied still-life painting with Frans Snyders in Flanders, but by 1629 he was in Paris, where he settled in the community of Flemish painters in the Saint-Germain-des-Prs district, which lay outside the jurisdiction of the Painters Guild (Maîtrise). For some time he worked with the still-life painter Lubin Baugin in the studio of Simon Vouet, where they produced cartoons for tapestries (untraced). He probably also had contacts with the still-life painters Jacques Linard and Louise Moillon, with whose style his work has affinities.
  Boucle s work had a broad appeal — his paintings appear in inventories of royal collections and shop keepers alike and are now mostly in private collections. Works such as Fish and Shells (Narbonne, Muse Archologique, d Art et d Histoire), depicting a cat leaping on to a rustic table heaped with fish, have an anecdotal quality that betrays the artist s Flemish origins. The subject is treated in a highly realistic way with great attention paid to the rendering of different textures. Basket of Fruit (1649; Toledo, OH, Museum of Art), in which a basket of grapes, pears and apples is depicted on a stone plinth set within a shallow space, comes closer to the French style; the crispness characteristic of Moillon, however, is replaced by Boucle s attempt to integrate the still-life elements with the background through a more naturalistic rendering of light.
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