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  Flemish painter and draughtsman, active also in Italy. Before becoming master of the Antwerp Guild of St Luke in 1632, van Lint worked for several years with Artus Wolffort; he recorded their collaboration in his diary. During these years he frequently copied the more famous paintings in Antwerp s churches, not only those by Peter Paul Rubens, but also works by older masters such as Marten de Vos and the Francken brothers. His earliest known painting, an Adoration of the Shepherds (1632; Vienna, Salesianerinnenkirche), shows a clear indebtedness to Wolffort s style, which was in the pre-Rubensian, academic manner of Otto van Veen.
  He became a master in Antwerp in 1632. He then moved to Rome where his primary clients were a prominent family and a Roman Catholic cardinal. During this period he painted a series of frescoes and made chalk studies of antique and Renaissance drawings. Lint returned to Antwerp in 1640 and painted in a classical manner influenced by Caravaggio. He also painted portraits and religious and mythological scenes.
Christ and fhe Adulterous Woman
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Silvio and Dorinda
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