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  French painter, son of the painter Richard Tassel. He began his career in Italy. No picture from his Italian period has yet been identified with certainty, but it may well be that the small group of pictures at present called The Master of the Judgment of Solomon could be by Tassel.
  On his return to France, Tassel worked in Troyes, Dijon, and his native Langres, where he received a number of commissions towards the end of his life. He acquired considerable skill in Italy, but his style remained totally out of touch with developments, even in the rest of France. The fascination of his work lies in his ability to create a mood of brooding and exaggeration, partly through his trick of painting his figures with slanting eyes. Only one portrait, the Catherine de Montholon at Dijon, is given to him with any certainty.
Portrait of Catherine de Montholon
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Portrait of a Young Man
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