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 Marshal Ney  

 The Consequences of War  

 Monument to Captain Richard Rundle Burges  

 Portrait of Matvei Platov  

 On Outpost Duty  

 Death of the Cavalryman  

 Soldier and Boys  

 The Dog of the Regiment Wounded  

 The Wounded Trumpeter  

 Portrait of Dmitry V. Golitsyn  

 The Mystical Wine Press  

 The Massacres of the Triumvirate  

 The Ten Thousand Martyrs on the Mount Ararat  

 General Dumouriez  

 The Virgin and Child with St Anne  

Other : Civil War 
Eighty Years 
Hundred Days 
Mongol invasion of Poland 
Mughal Empire 
Peninsular War 
Scottish Independence 
Thirty Years 
Timur war 
War of the League of Cambrai 
Wars of the Roses 


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