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  German painter and woodcut designer. His main achievement was to introduce the painting principles of the Danube school to Middle Germany; he worked largely in Protestant context. Between 1513 and 1515 Lemberger may have joined Altdorfer in Regensburg and collaborated on the miniatures in the Triumphal Procession of Emperor Maximilian I (Vienna, Albertina). He may also have visited Wolf Huber in Passau at that time. He moved to Leipzig in 1520.
  The few known paintings by Lemberger are clearly linked, in their luxuriant depiction of landscape, to the Danube school and show an unusual liking for decorative detail.
  Lemberger s talent as a draughtsman is apparent in his paintings, an even more crucial in his woodcuts. In Leipzig and Magdeburg he became one of the most important book illuminators in his period.
St George Freeing the Princess
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